Let’s talk about events

Swicket’s blog goes live in a challenging moment for the Event industry.

You might be wondering: “Why now? Why talk about events at this critical juncture for all players?”.

Fair question, let’s start with a brief introduction.

the challenge of social distancing

The Covid-19 pandemic is hindering the global economy in several different ways. As a result, every player in the market is looking for a way out of stasis in order to survive.
The ones who are able to adapt to changes and adjust accordingly over time will keep delivering in this phase, and will have new items in their toolbox to thrive even after.

Given the social distancing the pandemic is imposing, public events won’t be the same, for a long time.
But the appetite for learning, knowledge sharing, networking and hiring opportunities, for belonging to a community of like-minded people is the same as before, or even bigger.

There is still room for events to happen – organizers just need to find new ways of meeting the needs mentioned above.

responding to change

Photo by Barn Images on Unsplash

The Internet is a great playground for testing alternative formats and stick to the schedule, and we are developing solutions with our customers – event organizers – to allow them to deliver their events even in times of social distancing.

This blog will collect their point of views, and how they transformed workshops, conferences and classroom trainings into online events.

We will explore ways of keeping the community engaged when interaction happens through a screen. Or how to manage check-in for online events, especially when attendees pay for the “entry” ticket.

There are also organizers who cannot – for various reasons – move their events online, and therefore will have to deal with sanitary restrictions in order to preserve health and safety of all kind of attendees.
What are the challenges they are facing in rescheduling their event? How will they manage check-in and gatherings during the event?

knowledge sharing

So, coming back to your question: “Why now? Why talk about events at this critical juncture for all players?”
Because we have relevant knowledge to share. We hope to inform and inspire others who are trying to reinvent their business, either because they want to or are forced to do it by the circumstances.

This blog will also contain technical insights about Swicket’s service and the technologies we use.